Tips for Your Best Summer Ever


Summer 2018 is here.

Are you ready?

The weather's heating up and your social calendar is probably doing the same. Between your travel plans, happenings in your city, and your friends' gatherings, the warmer months have a way of kicking into high gear. The busyness of the season doesn't have to get in your way, though. With a few simple (I mean it – these are really easy) tips in mind, you can make the most of the long sunlight hours and balmy nights. 

Drink more water.

This isn't rocket science. Your body always needs water, but as the weather warms up it becomes especially important to combat dehydration and heat fatigue. Divide your body weight by half. That's the number of ounces you should be drinking each day. Are you hitting that number? If not, there are two easy ways to give yourself the push you need to increase your H2O intake. First, get a reusable water bottle and get in the habit of carrying it with you. Put it by your keys so you remember to grab it on the way out. Then, whenever you're bored or tired, take a drink. Sitting in meetings or traffic just became your key to a healthier summer!

Another great way to get yourself to drink more water is to amp up the flavoring. Put a pitcher in your fridge with lemon, mint, strawberries, or whatever fruit you most enjoy. Your hydration just got a whole lot more exciting. Food Network even has some flavored water recipes to get you started. 

Wear sunscreen. 

We know too much about skin cancer to go around unprotected. If you're still not wearing SPF before spending time in the sun (and I'm talking to myself here!), make this the summer you finally start protecting your skin. According to the American Cancer Society, more people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year than every other cancer combined. Why let yourself be another statistic? If you're like me and you just don't like the feel of sunscreen, know that we've got options. Powder sunscreens exist. Sprays can be less cringey to apply. Or we can simply wear a lightweight layer to cover our skin. 

Check your calendar. 

There's a fine line between a fun summer filled with enjoyable activities and a non-stop whirlwind. Don't let yourself feel frazzled come fall. Before you agree to any events, take a look at your calendar. The summer has a way of cluttering each month. Be mindful before you make any commitments. If you have a hard time saying no, put downtime on your calendar. Scheduling a beach day next Saturday where you can grab some solo hours will give you the opportunity to refresh – and isn't that what summer is supposed to be all about?

Lighten up. 

Your home, that is. Summer's a great time to streamline and air things out. Declutter, open your windows, or repaint your furniture in lighter colors.  Take advantage of the lightness of the season to open up some breathing room in your house or apartment. 

Cheers to the summer!