I've spent years writing for a wide range of digital formats.

I've picked a few samples here to give you an idea of the different voices in which I can write.

freelance writer work samples



Freshome is the go-to destination for anyone who is passionate about design, architecture, luxury, travel, lifestyle, and creativity in the home. I regularly write articles on everything from the architecture of new museums to eco-friendly cleaning tips. Read more.


Web Content: VCWC

The Ventura Counseling & Wellness Center is an incredible resource supporting mental health in my local community. It’s a privilege to write the content for their website and their blog.

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ICONIC Protein makes clean, grass-fed protein drinks and powders. As a health product brand, they’re constantly striving to help their customers lead their best lives. And one way they do that is through their blogs. Check out the blogs I wrote for them on sleep and meditation vs. yoga.


ARTICLES: Bankrate

Bankrate strives to help its readership thrive by giving them easy access to the information they need to make the right financial decisions at every turn. And they make sure that info is easy-to-understand, too. Take a look at my work for them about the best car insurance and Liberty Mutual’s car coverage.


Whether you’re looking for the best freezer for your home or the right life insurance to protect your family, has you covered. And, as an added bonus, they provider their readers with foundational understanding in the categories they review. For example, you can peek at a crash course in comprehensive and collision coverage I wrote to help their readers get informed before they shop for insurance coverage.

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BLOGS: VitaCup

VitaCup makes coffee and tea infused with vitamins and other key ingredients to help you feel your best. Carpe diem with your morning beverage, you know? Their blogs focus on educating readers on their game-changing ingredients. You can see blogs I wrote on the health benefits of ingredients like rooibos tea and adaptogens.


At Your Pace Online offers a broad range of online continuing education opportunities. And to educate their clientele about those opportunities, I write blogs for them. You can find them at their Tradesman CE site, both in the blog section and their Career Central resource, where I created all of the content.


Environmental sustainability is a passion of mine. While I’m always looking for ways to minimize my own footprint, writing for publications that help shrink environmental damage on an industry-wide scale has been incredibly fulfilling. Read the article here. You can also check out another article of mine about air efficiency here.

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I love my town. It’s been a true pleasure to write content for Visit Ventura to help highlight some of the best parts of our amazing community, like killer happy hours and colorful wildflowers. Read more.


I have years of experience writing insurance content. You can see some examples of my blogs covering both commercial and personal insurance here. Read more.

Press Release: SureCode

You’ve put a lot of work into developing your new product or service. A press release can help it get the attention it deserves. Check out a sample press release about the launch of new packaging technology, the SureCode.


As a parent, the last thing you want is to worry about your child’s health and happiness. Creating content for PSAOC came down to making even the scariest-sounding procedure easy to understand. Read more.